Getting started

Access the app by going to (opens in a new tab). You can play around with the app and get a feel for what it's like to create a contract without connecting your wallet. However, you will need to connect your wallet in order to submit a transaction like deploying a contract, withdrawing a balance, and so on.

When you first open the app, you'll be brought to the Explore page. This page gives you an idea of the activity happening in the ecosystem and how projects & teams are using Splits in different ways today.

Explore page

Account page

Clicking on an account will bring you to the detail page. On this page, in the top you can see the account address in the top left and options to share in the top right.

Account detail page

The left column shows the details of this account. If it's a Spilt, you'll see the list of recipients, whereas if it's a Waterfall or Vesting contract you'll see that information. Below this you will find the Activity feed, which will highlight all distributions and activity pertaining to this account.

In the right column, you'll see an Earnings section. This section highlights all the tokens this account has earned through the Splits ecosystem.


If you're looking for a specific person or contract, the easiest way to find that is through search. Either hit / on your keyboard or click the search button in the sidebar. Then paste in the address or type in an ENS and hit enter.

Open search input

Switching networks

Regardless of whether your wallet is connected or not, you can switch what network the app is on using the network selector in the bottom of the sidebar. The network will also be appended to the URL, and follows the pattern /?chainId=5, where the number is the chain ID (in this case we're viewing Polygon, since it has the chain ID of 5).

Select a network

Connect your wallet

Connecting your wallet to the app allows you to submit transactions and see content that's specific to your wallet – things like your balances, contracts you're earning from, and more. Click Connect Wallet in the sidebar and choose your wallet provider.

Connect your wallet

If you're using a Gnosis Safe, we recommend you use the Gnosis 0xSplits (opens in a new tab) app for the best experience, however, you can connect directly using WalletConnect if preferred.


Once you've connected your wallet, you'll be able to bookmark any account in the app. Similar to bookmarks in your web browser, bookmarking an account makes it easier to find. There are two ways to add a bookmark.

The first is to navigate to the account's detail page and click the star icon in the top right corner.

Add bookmark from account header

The second is to click the button on the right side of an account preview, and select "Add bookmark".

Add bookmark from account menu

Both of these options will open the bookmark dialog, which allows you to add a name to the bookmark. Naming a bookmark will replace this account's address with the bookmark name everywhere you see it in the app (including search).

Bookmarks are only stored to your browser's local storage, meaning they're never saved to a server and will not sync between devices. Bookmarks are also saved at the account and network level, meaning if you change networks or connect a different wallet, your bookmarks will not transfer.

Bookmark dialog

To remove a bookmark, follow the same steps as above and hit "Remove" in the bottom left corner of the bookmark dialog.