Withdrawing balances

Flow of funds - withdraw

Withdrawing is the process of transferring a balance from 0xSplits to a recipient's wallet. Regardless of how many contracts someone earns from, or how frequently those contracts receive income, it only takes a single transaction to transfer all of those balances to their wallet. Anyone can do this at their leisure, whenever gas prices are low or they just want to cash out. Learn more about this step here.

Withdrawing for yourself

After connecting your wallet you'll see your total balances in USD in the top left corner of the app. If your balance shows $0.00, that is either because you have no balances to withdraw or because we're unable to determine a USD price for your balances. Clicking on your balance will open your account view.

Open your account view

Just select all the balances you wish to withdraw, hit withdraw, and the funds will be transferred from your balance in 0xSplits to your wallet. If you have any "pending" balances (i.e., contracts you earn from that have balances waiting to be distributed), those will show up here as well. You may wish to distribute those pending balances before withdrawing (or just wait for a bot to distribute them if there's a bounty!).

You can also select which balances to withdraw by clicking on "My account" in the sidebar and then looking at the Earnings section on the right.

Your account earnings

Withdrawing for another account

There may be instances when you wish to withdraw on behalf of another account. When you do this, you're effectively paying the gas needed to "push" the funds from 0xSplits to their wallet. Anyone can withdraw on behalf of another account at any time.

To do this, just navigate to the account's detail page (either by searching or clicking on it from the list of recipients) and in the Earnings section select the balances you wish to withdraw. Remember that this will transfer these balances to the account's address, not your own. By withdrawing "for" another account, you're just paying the gas needed to send them their funds.

Withdraw for an account