Warehouse is the place where all the pull-flow payments in the Splits ecosystem pile up. It is built on top of ERC6909 (opens in a new tab) and ERC6909X (opens in a new tab), so all funds held here on behalf of users will appear in compliant wallets. Any user earning from the Splits ecosystem can access their assets directly from the warehouse.

How it works

  • The warehouse has a unique id for each token. This id is the uint256 representation of the token address. ETH is represented by token 0xeeee..eeee.
  • Deposits to the warehouse are made for a given token and user and held on their behalf until claimed.
  • Users can transfer their claims to these underlying tokens just like ERC20 tokens by calling the warehouse transfer and transferFrom functions.
  • Users who want to automate withdrawals from the warehouse may do so by setting a withdraw incentive. This will incentives bots to withdraw funds for the user directly into their account.
  • Users who want to prevent third parties from withdrawing on their behalf may do so by pausing their withdraws for external parties on the warehouse.
  • Warehouse is an immutable, non-upgradeable contract that is not owned or governed by the team.
  • We recommend reviewing the contracts flow of funds.


Ethereum – 1
Optimism – 10
Polygon – 137
Base – 8453
Arbitrum – 42161
Zora – 7777777
BSC – 56
Gnosis – 100