Splits Development Kit

This page explains how to use the Splits Development Kit (SDK). The SDK makes it easier to query the subgraph or call contract functions. You can find the SDK source code on Github (opens in a new tab).


Older versions of the SDK will become partially unusable following the sunset of the hosted service (opens in a new tab). All users should upgrade to the latest version before June 12. For the core SDK any version >= 4.0.0, and for the React SDK any version >= 2.0.0 Please see the migration guide (opens in a new tab), and reach out on Discord with any questions.

To get started, install the package using yarn or npm.

yarn add @0xsplits/splits-sdk

If you are migrating to v4, please see the release note (opens in a new tab).

Subgraph Data

Following the sunset (opens in a new tab) of the hosted service and the release of v4 SDK we recommend everyone to use our SDK to access any data from the subgraph. You can create an API key by signing up on our app, and accessing your account settings (opens in a new tab). If you think the SDK does not meet your requirements please reach out to the team and we would be happy to help.