Recoup diagram

The Recoup template allows you to split profits instead of revenue. By creating a Waterfall that points to a number of Splits, it makes it easy to repay one group before splitting profits with another.

How It Works

  • We recommend familiarizing yourself with how Waterfall and Split work, since Recoup is just a factory to make it easier to deploy those building blocks composed together in a single transaction.
  • Any non-target tokens sent to the Recoup will be recovered to the final tier (i.e., the profit share tier).
  • This contract was not designed for a large number of tranches and shouldn't be used with more than 1,000.


Ethereum - 1
Optimism – 10
BSC – 56
Gnosis – 100
Polygon – 137
Fantom – 250
Base – 8453
Arbitrum – 42161
Avalanche – 43114
Zora – 7777777
Aurora – 1313161554